About Me

My name is Karolj Kočmaroš. I like to write software for PC (Linux, Windows). My favorit langauage is C++ and framework is Qt. All of my work is done in Qt C++. Also I am big fan of Linux OS. My distro of choise is Arch Linux mainly because of KISS philosophy and Bleeding Edge software.

At the moment I work at Levi9 IT Services as a Linux Administrator.

As my favorite project "Subtitle and Video Renamer" is stable for daily usage, I had put all my C++ Qt development in free time to hiatus. Of course I will fix bugs.

I am the author of all source code on this blog. 
Of course, Thanks to all who helped me with bug reports, implementing some feature, or translating. 

Every software is free and without any commercials (I hate them in software, and in installer wizard).

You can contact me on email karlosmunjos@gmail.com
My LinkedIn Karolj Kočmaroš