KTag Editor

KTag Editor is a free open source ID3v tag editor developed in Qt5 framework. Supported files are mp3, wav, ogg, wma, flac, asf.

  • Group renaming files and tags,
  • Adding, deleting, extracting cover art from audio file,
  • Extracting tags from file name with renaming variables,
  • Creating new file names with renaming variables,
  • Updating tags,
  • Deleting tags,
  • Deleting files from file system,
  • Detecting deleted, not writable and not readable files,
  • Play audio files,
Download KTag Editor for your Operating System:


Arch Linux
download from AUR

Other Systems

Linux users:

Before installation make sure to install qt5-base, phonon-qt5 and taglib 1.8 or greater libraries

NOTE: you need to install phonon-vlc-backend or phonon-gstreamer-backend in order to play audio files

Download the latest source code from sourceforge
[user@user-PC user]$ unzip ktageditor.zip
[user@user-PC user]$ cd trunk
[user@user-PC user]$ qmake
[user@user-PC user]$ make
[user@user-PC user]$ make install

[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/bin/ktageditor
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/ktageditor
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/pixmaps/ktageditor.png
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/applications/ktageditor.desktop

NOTE: I do not answer for damage of any kind, produced by using this software. Feel free to contact me for bugs or features request on karlosmunjos@gmail.com

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