Subtitle And Video Renamer

SVR is free and open source software for renaming videos and subtitles.


  • Group renaming (deleting, inserting, serialization, replacing and case),
  • Drag n Drop file (supported video files avi, mp4, mkv, wmv, and supported subtitles files are txt, sub, srt),
  • Renaming by video file name, or by Subtitle file name,
  • Cross platform application, it works on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS,
  • Renaming large number of files
  • Multilingual (thanks to Yuri Bongiorno)

You can drag 'n' drop files to table, or add them trough open file dialog. After adding files, you can sort them or move the up/down. Before rename video by subtitle or counter, make sure to line up video and subtitle you want to rename.

Wrong line up

Correct line up

Group renaming is nice feature, you can clean file name from special characters, or insert/delete characters.

You can rename a large number of files with one click. Only selected rows will be renamed. And finally result of renaming

Download SVR for your Operating System:


Arch Linux
download from AUR

Other Systems

Before installation make sure to install qt5-base => 5.2 libraries.

[user@user-PC user]$ unzip
[user@user-PC user]$ cd trunk
[user@user-PC user]$ qmake
[user@user-PC user]$ make
[user@user-PC user]$ make install


[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/bin/svr 
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/svr
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/pixmaps/svr.png
[user@user-PC user]$ rm -rf /usr/share/applications/svr.desktop

NOTE: I do not answer for damage of any kind, produced by using this software. Feel free to contact me for bugs or features request on

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